This new years eve I made a winter landscape as a appetizer for dinner , it was a tryout of an idea ..

It’s a basic tuna mousse , which easy could be pimped up whit some more spice or other things .. The decorations is a mixture of vegetables so they make flowers and penguins ..

Tuna mousse
Two cans of tuna
A bundle of spring onions cut out in small rings
A squish of lemon
Salt and pepper
A couple of spoons shuns until it a nice mousse mash its after taste its can be eaten right away , but I think it gives a better taste made the day before an stored cold ..

Decorations is made of cucumbers thin sliced and pined together in a circle to contain the mousse .. In it I pined some flowers made from cucumbers and carrots .. The penguins is made from mozzarella balls , carrots and black olives ..

It’s not so much you need , but it takes some time to make .. I made five similar plates in about an hour ..

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