Rye bread baking

Sunday activities baking rye bread with chocolate chips ..

I found a collection of special beers on sale and now use these for my rye bread .. I don’t drink beer otherwise so have no idea how they taste , bought them because of the pretty cans :)


day 1
1/2 liter of water
1 portion sourdough
1 Tbsp. salt
175 g cracked rye kernels
300 g rye flour
Pour water into a bowl and stir sourdough out in the bowl . Then add the remaining things in and stir until the dough is uniform . Cover it with a damp tea towel to rise on the kitchen table until the following day .

day 2
1 beer
1.5 tbsp. honey
75 g of flaxseed
75 g sunflower seeds
75 g rye flakes
250 g rye flour
Stir the dough . Come then beer , honey , flaxseed , sunflower seeds , rye flakes and rye flour in and mix well . Then take 150 g of dough of to sourdough for the next time . Store it in a tight-fitting container in the refrigerator . The sourdough can be kept for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator .

Put the dough into the molds and let stand and raise again for about two hours . Bake them first at 100 g in 40-50 min and then 175 g for about 90 minutes , keep your eye on them the last while . Put a piece of foil over so they not gets too dark at the top .. And a bowl of wather in the bottom of the oven ..


Recipe in danish

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