A produktive weekend

A produktive weekend

This past weekend I had a lovely and produktive weekend, with some homemade food.
Here comes the result and the recipes.
First thing I started with was rhubarb lemonade. So I went out in my parents’ garden and pick a lot of rhubarb.

rabarber på gras

Then chop them up, fortunately it was a lovely weather. So I could sit on the terrace and chop them into smaller pieces before the rest had to take place in the kitchen.

skåret rabarber

It became 1300 g, and it was cooked until tender with a deciliter of water. Low heat for a while.

rabarber klar til kogning

Put it into a cloth so that it can drain over a bowl. So rhubarb juice is strained from the pulp. It takes a few hours. At last then wring it so all the juice comes out of the meat. Save the pulp.

raberbar kødet efter afdrypning

The juice is brought to a boil with sugar in a ratio of 1 liter to 400 grams of sugar. I got 900 ml of juice out of it and I came about 350 sugars in. Both cane sugar and white sugar. remember to stir.

rabarber saften koges

When it has cooked up. Prepare some bottles by scald them so there are no bacteria back. Pour it on the bottles and close them tightly. After they have cooled slightly put them in the refrigerator. It is raw juice and must be diluted with water as required. I dilute it with 1 part juice to 4 part water.

rabarber saften på falske og glas

The pulp did I used to bake some buns.
I used my old bun recipe, and added rhubarb pulp and just 100 extra grams of wholemeal flour. It was so the structure of the bun should not be too soggy.

boller klar til bagning

I also had to give them a little extra in the oven. But I think they were really delicious, however the heavy side, they fill up well in the stomach.

bagte boller

For the buns I also made a jam. There was a portion of nectarines which was becoming a little too mature. Therefore were they scalded, so the skin came off and cut into pieces. They were then boiled up together with sugar, water, vanilla and lemon.
After they had it for quite some time and had become tender, I blended them together, however, so there was still a little lumps left.
Then I came two sheets of gelatine in order to give it a little firmness.
Again it came into cleaned glass and cooled and put in the fridge.

nektarin marmelade The recipe
450 g nectarines
115 g sugar
1 cup water
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 sheets of gelatine

marmelade på glas

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