Second rhubarbs juice

Then there is made a new round of rhubarbs juice, this time bought rhubarbs of the variety strawberry rhubarbs. They provide a redder color and sweeter taste. Also ran a different recipe stradigi this time less time-consuming and actually also a better result. Despite it can also be the variety’s sake.

rabarbersaft anden omgang


This time I cooked it up with sugar, lemon juice and vanilla, from the start. That way, it is both faster and to save a lot of energy in not having to cook it up again two more times. First, the juice and then flesh.

I didn’t cook it completely out this time either and stopped tapping the juice before the flesh was completely drained. So I now use the rest as a little rhubarbs compote, for my morning Skyr.

This recipe was made on gefühl ;)

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