Crocheting and knitting


I’m a crocheaholic i love and find much relaxation in crocheting , and this is a result of my creations .



Her kommer endnu en hæklet hat, som jeg har lavet nogle stykker af nu. Denne er solgt men en magen til kan nemt købes. Den er lavet i ren uld.

hat front

De er lavet med en enkelt blomser detalje i siden foran.

hat detalje10000


Baby bunnies

Have made some crochet bunnies for some baby gifts ..




Stool cover

A crochet stool cover for a kitchen stool ..



Crochet slippers

A pair of warm slippers , crocheted in thick wool yarn ..
Homemade slippers ..



I have a homemade basket sewn in two fabrics a strong fabric for the outside and a colorful inner fabric .. In the basket I have slippers for all my guest and myself , I love having warm home boots on in the wintertime ..



Another crochet pillow :) this with a front with a city landscape , and I must say it took a lot of color change and yarn I play all the time , because of the many small parts and colors .. :)




A few more winter hats ..  Both in wool ..
One a bit baggy just in black for a training buddy of mine :)

And then one for my mother , with some small flower decorations ..

Cushions for my mom

My mom wished for some sofa cushions for her birthday and Christmas , and she have a old orange wool blanket for the sofa ..
So I have made these two for her , first a big flower with a striped bag side .. And then a striped one with a rose silhouette on both sides .. Both in 50 x 50 cm ..



Gift for my friend

My Christmas gift this year to my lovely friend , was a bag for her medical gear ( she is a doctor ) and a flower bracelet .. In a box with matching bow and star and a lot of candy :)





And then on the side, a bit late, a blanket in 140 x 115 cm :)


Christmas ornaments

I made six crochet Christmas balls and ten angels for my parents , for them to decorate their Christmas tree with ..


Winter wool hat


I made another winter hat , this one with 3 snowflakes ..

Homemade Christmas ornaments

As a tradition I put up my Christmas tree the first weekend of December .. I have my classic ornaments I have collected over the years .. But this year I have made a lot of new homemade ornaments ..
First I have made some homemade porcelain figures ..

Then I made some small crochet angels in five different colors ..

Last year I made a few snow flakes as gifts and had some left ..

Yesterday I made some striped Christmas ball’s ..

And this morning some measuring tape Christmas stars ..

If I continue in this scale it might not be possible to see the tree at all when we gets to the 24th .. :D

Winter hat


Last nights project .. A new hat with a try out of a snow flake pattern ..



Home made crochet Christmas cone full of candy :)

Purple bag


I made one more bag this a bit bigger and with a small pocket inside , for the small things that always get lost in the bottom of a womans bag ;)




Another crochet pillow , this with two colors at the time and bird motive ..


I like making things to my friend’s , a luckily it’s just been my good friends birthday .. She loves green and earlier I made a pencil case for her in the same yarn .. This time I mad a shoulder bag ..

But a lot of the gift in it self for me is the wrapping , so I did some extra with a special bow ..



Made this skate as a Christmas ornament :)

Folded stars for christmas


I have always loved these stars , and over the years made them in many different materiales .. The latest crochet .. ⭐

Android bots :)


So i made some Androids for my father for his birthday .. :)


A quick little accessory for today’s dress

Pencil holders

I’ve made some neon pencil holders of crochet nylon so it is rigid enough to withstand a bit of everything :)

Pencilcase Once again

Well then i made one more pencilcase .. this time with lable and again in multi colored wool .. :) This one for my sister .


So lately i have made these robots , though i think the green one is a bit choppy and the small red one has a bit loose joints .. I will make some modifications for the next once i think .. But another thing i got is labels whit my name for my things …



Pencilcase gift

One of my dear friends had been excited about the previous pencil case so I made one for her as a gift . This one I made in multi colored wool and used buttons for closing .

A small gift

A small gift for a dear friend . I crocheted a little flower on a ring and made ​​a little tea box with five different tea bags in .

Triangular pencil case

Another pencil case , this one in a triangular shape and a bit smaller . :)

Another headband

Just another headband in multi-colored woolen :)


Just a small flower :)


I needed a pencil case and came up with the idea for this , which is quite small and smart . However , I think next time I will make it a little bit shorter .


My friend got an iPhone for Christmas and in fear of scratching the new fine phone then she kept it in a sock ! I could of course not let this continue so I crocheted a small Cover for her phone . :)


I wanted to make a gift for someone, I got two keywords purple/lavender color and chickens . This was what I got out of that , a set of potholders in beige and purple with chickens and the name .


Another christmas present i made this year , was to my cousin’s two little lovely boys . I gave them two toy suitcases with different things in it , among these two crochet cars and a flag garland for each .

Crocheted snowflakes

These I have made a bunch of and given out to hostess gifts and just small gifts .
Crocheted snowflakes :)



Just here before December I taught crocheting by a sweet lady.  And then it took of for me , and I have now during December made all kinds og stuff for gifts and so . Some of them I will post over the next time , so you can see .. :)

First the biggest project where I made a pillowcase to my lovely friend with a crochet picture of us and then a striped knitted pattern for the rest .




Knitted blanket

I made this during the autumn . A knitted blanket in harlequin diced pattern .



I have also during the last couple of weeks made some more headbands as gifts to my mom and two of my friends :)

First the two to my mom .

Green with details
Red simple

And then a made one for my dear friend Stine
And then also one for another dear friend Maria


Så kom den kolde tid , og det har inspireret mig til at strikke lidt forskellige pandebånd . :)
Jeg bruger selv dem især når man har håret sat op er de jo fantastiske ..

Først et lilla som bliver knappede bag på så man undgår at hive den op og ned over hovedet og rode hårets . Derudover går den ned under hestehalen , mens den stadig dækker fint både pande og øre .
Så lavede jeg et blåt hvor jeg har flettet det sammen af tre tynde strimler .

Og sidste men ikke mindst fik jeg lavet et hvidt der bindes sammen til en lille sløjfe ting foran , igen så den ikke skal op og ned over håret og så synes jeg også bare det er ret fint .

Alle er strikket i 100% bomuld og blandet med 75 % bambus garn

Harlekin pude

Her er mit seneste projekt . En strikket pude i tre farver , samlede af mange små romber .