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By request I’m now making a page where my recipes are assembled .. Those who know me well , know I love being in the kitchen and make delicious things .. I love to throw myself into new recipes, and even try and make my own creations instead of buying ready-made food .. Not that it not equally can be good, but homemade is is somethimes best .. :)


Second rhubarbs juice

Then there is made a new round of rhubarbs juice, this time bought rhubarbs of the variety strawberry rhubarbs. They provide a redder color and sweeter taste. Also ran a different recipe stradigi this time less time-consuming and actually also a better result. Despite it can also be the variety’s sake.

rabarbersaft anden omgang


This time I cooked it up with sugar, lemon juice and vanilla, from the start. That way, it is both faster and to save a lot of energy in not having to cook it up again two more times. First, the juice and then flesh.

I didn’t cook it completely out this time either and stopped tapping the juice before the flesh was completely drained. So I now use the rest as a little rhubarbs compote, for my morning Skyr.

This recipe was made on gefühl ;)

A produktive weekend

A produktive weekend

This past weekend I had a lovely and produktive weekend, with some homemade food.
Here comes the result and the recipes.
First thing I started with was rhubarb lemonade. So I went out in my parents’ garden and pick a lot of rhubarb.

rabarber på gras

Then chop them up, fortunately it was a lovely weather. So I could sit on the terrace and chop them into smaller pieces before the rest had to take place in the kitchen.

skåret rabarber

It became 1300 g, and it was cooked until tender with a deciliter of water. Low heat for a while.

rabarber klar til kogning

Put it into a cloth so that it can drain over a bowl. So rhubarb juice is strained from the pulp. It takes a few hours. At last then wring it so all the juice comes out of the meat. Save the pulp.

raberbar kødet efter afdrypning

The juice is brought to a boil with sugar in a ratio of 1 liter to 400 grams of sugar. I got 900 ml of juice out of it and I came about 350 sugars in. Both cane sugar and white sugar. remember to stir.

rabarber saften koges

When it has cooked up. Prepare some bottles by scald them so there are no bacteria back. Pour it on the bottles and close them tightly. After they have cooled slightly put them in the refrigerator. It is raw juice and must be diluted with water as required. I dilute it with 1 part juice to 4 part water.

rabarber saften på falske og glas

The pulp did I used to bake some buns.
I used my old bun recipe, and added rhubarb pulp and just 100 extra grams of wholemeal flour. It was so the structure of the bun should not be too soggy.

boller klar til bagning

I also had to give them a little extra in the oven. But I think they were really delicious, however the heavy side, they fill up well in the stomach.

bagte boller

For the buns I also made a jam. There was a portion of nectarines which was becoming a little too mature. Therefore were they scalded, so the skin came off and cut into pieces. They were then boiled up together with sugar, water, vanilla and lemon.
After they had it for quite some time and had become tender, I blended them together, however, so there was still a little lumps left.
Then I came two sheets of gelatine in order to give it a little firmness.
Again it came into cleaned glass and cooled and put in the fridge.

nektarin marmelade The recipe
450 g nectarines
115 g sugar
1 cup water
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 sheets of gelatine

marmelade på glas

Easter lunch

A few easter treats ..

First dish
Fresh cracked egg and a bunny


A egg , filled with cream . A mozzarella cheese and different vegetables ..

Egg basket with fruits


The egg baskets made first with salt crackers and chocolate


Cinnamon bunny


Green salad

A lovely green salad ..
Contains : cucumber , broccoli , edamame beans and avocado ..



A carpark of rye bread shaped as cars , with a bit chocolate ..


And a flower bed .. :)



Rye bread baking

Sunday activities baking rye bread with chocolate chips ..

I found a collection of special beers on sale and now use these for my rye bread .. I don’t drink beer otherwise so have no idea how they taste , bought them because of the pretty cans :)


day 1
1/2 liter of water
1 portion sourdough
1 Tbsp. salt
175 g cracked rye kernels
300 g rye flour
Pour water into a bowl and stir sourdough out in the bowl . Then add the remaining things in and stir until the dough is uniform . Cover it with a damp tea towel to rise on the kitchen table until the following day .

day 2
1 beer
1.5 tbsp. honey
75 g of flaxseed
75 g sunflower seeds
75 g rye flakes
250 g rye flour
Stir the dough . Come then beer , honey , flaxseed , sunflower seeds , rye flakes and rye flour in and mix well . Then take 150 g of dough of to sourdough for the next time . Store it in a tight-fitting container in the refrigerator . The sourdough can be kept for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator .

Put the dough into the molds and let stand and raise again for about two hours . Bake them first at 100 g in 40-50 min and then 175 g for about 90 minutes , keep your eye on them the last while . Put a piece of foil over so they not gets too dark at the top .. And a bowl of wather in the bottom of the oven ..


Recipe in danish

Delicious essence


I have a few times tried to make this essence , which is based on a white mulled wine essence from a magazine , which I think was exciting to try . But here I modified it a little to my taste.

Content of essence:
1/2 liter of water
1/2 liter of concentrated elderflower juice
2 sticks cinnamon
1 Tbsp. Orange peel
1 tsp. cardamom
1 Tbsp. lemon
1 Tbsp. Honey or acacia honey


It boiles together for two hours on low heat and then cool down and stored cold for the next day . The next day , it is a thick syrup consisten and should be filtered to get a more clear and clean essence . Now the essence is ready for use .

For mulled wine boil it up again with 1 or 2 bottles of white wine depents on taste and pour a filling consisting of chopped dried apricots , raisins and almond splinters.

But it is also quite good as just tea , come a few drops in a cup of boiling water and there you have a delicious tea , but beware it is a strong essence so not too much .


This new years eve I made a winter landscape as a appetizer for dinner , it was a tryout of an idea ..

It’s a basic tuna mousse , which easy could be pimped up whit some more spice or other things .. The decorations is a mixture of vegetables so they make flowers and penguins ..

Tuna mousse
Two cans of tuna
A bundle of spring onions cut out in small rings
A squish of lemon
Salt and pepper
A couple of spoons shuns until it a nice mousse mash its after taste its can be eaten right away , but I think it gives a better taste made the day before an stored cold ..

Decorations is made of cucumbers thin sliced and pined together in a circle to contain the mousse .. In it I pined some flowers made from cucumbers and carrots .. The penguins is made from mozzarella balls , carrots and black olives ..

It’s not so much you need , but it takes some time to make .. I made five similar plates in about an hour ..

Banana cake


This is the best banana cake I have ever made and tasted .. It so lovely moistly and airy , just fabulous ..
And here is the recipe ..

6 eggs
350 g sugar
4-5 tsp vanilla sugar
250 g wheat flour
2-3 tsp baking powder
200 g melted butter
5 bananas
100 g orange crunch chocolate

Whip the dry ingredients together with the eggs , and then a the chipped chocolate and smashed bananas .. When the butter is finger cold then whip it in and pour it in a 23 x 23 cm baking pan .. Bake in a pre heated oven in 60 mins on 175 ° hot air ..

Easter nest


Chocolate nests with candy eggs … :) nice little snack for easter ..


The last couple of times I’ve made rye bread I have made a few . When I make rye bread instead of rye bread buns, I just doubles the other recipe and the cooking time . This time I also added some grated carrot in two of the bread , just 4 grated carrots , it makes the bread a little more moist and therefore it’s good to leave it some time in the oven in the after heat afterwards and dry up a bit.


Homemade Crispbread

Yet again , I have baked some crispbread in various shapes and this year also as letters .


Sunday morning :)

A Sunday morning in the dark autumn with homemade Scones


Hjemmebagt rugbrøds boller

Så er der igen blevet baget rugbrøds boller til den næste tid :)

Jeg bruger en surdejs opskrift , som jeg så har ændret lidt på efter hånden ..


dag 1
1/2 liter vand
1 portions surdej
1 spsk. Salt
175  g knækkede rugkerner
300 g rugmel
Hæld vandet i en skål og rør surdejen ud i skålen . Tilføj derefter de resterende ting i og rør til dejen er ensartet . Dæk den til med et opvredet viskestykke til hævning på køkkenbordet til dagen efter .

dag 2
1 øl
1,5 spsk. Honning
75 g hørfrø
75 g solsikkekerner
75 g rugflager
250 g rugmel
Rør dejen op . Kom derefter øl , honning , hørfrø , solsikkekerner , rugflager og rugmelet i og rør det godt sammen . Tag så 150 g dej fra til sur dej til næste gang opbevar det i en tæt sluttende beholder i køleskabet . Surdejen kan holde sig i ca 3 uger i køleskabet .

Kom dejen op i formene og lad stå og hæve igen i ca to timer . Bag derefter dem først på 100 g i 40-50 min og så 175 i ca 90 min , hold da øje med dem det sidste stykke tid . Kom et stykke folie henover for de ikke bliver for mørke i toppen ..

Denne gang lavede jeg også en lille rugbrøds familie .. :)


Efter at have haft lyst til broccolisalat i en hel uge fik jeg endelig lavet det her i weekenden og hvilken fantastisk salat .. brugte denne opskrift lidt på gefyl men rigtig god blev den ..

( fik kun lige snuppet dette billede mens det stadig var i røreskålen og ikke efter serveringen )


1 bundt broccoli

1 skalotteløg

1 pakke bacon tern ( kan godt bruges mindre )

1 lille håndfuld græskar kerner


1/2 dl mayonnaise

1/2 dl creme fraiche

1 tsk. æble eddike ( kan sikkert også bruges andre eddiker , det var bare hvad jeg havde )

1 tsk sukker

og vupti sammen med dressingen og så røres det sammen med selve salaten ( resten ) og lad det trække nogle timer .. smager fantastisk , dog synes jeg der blev lidt meget bacon så vil nok bruge mindre næste gang eller mere broccoli ..


Rigtigt hurtige og nemme boller der bare er helt fantastiske .. Som også sagtens kan piftes lidt op med hakket spinat , rosiner , solsikke- eller gærskarkerner ..


25 g gær
4 spsk vand
1,5 dl. mælk
3 tsk sukker
1/3 tsk salt
1/4 dl. olie
400 g mel

Bland det hele sammen , start med at opløse gæret i vandet og kom så de tørre ting i og de sidste våde og rør det sammen med en røremaskine i et par minutter .. Lad her efter dem hæv mindst 10-20 minutter gerne mere .. Form nogle fine boller og pensel dem med mælk eller æg og sæt dem på en plade midt i ovnen og bag i 12-15 min ved 225 grader ..


Denne opskrift er også på opfordring fra en kær veninde der har fået dem et par gange eller to ;) Dog må jeg nok indrømme dette var den grund opskrift jeg oprindeligt brugte , men som jeg nok mere nu efterhånden slummer mig lidt i gennem .. Jeg laver dem oftest med chokolade stykker , men også tit bær .. det skal dog siges når man kommer bær i skal de lige have lidt mere og lidt mindre væske da bær ofte giver meget væske fra sig ..

Her et lille billede fra min fødselsdag , hvor jeg havde bagt og min kære veninde bragt disse fine tillykke lys .. :D ( og selvfølgelig står de i en fin muffin opsats .. ;) )


175 g mel ( 3 dl )
250 g sukker ( 3 dl )
45 g kakao ( 1 dl )
1 tsk. bagepulver
1 tsk. vanille
150 g margarine
2 æg
1/2 dl mælk
1/2 dl appelsinsaft
hakkede chokolade ( her kan også kommes nødder i i stedet )

Alle ingredienserne fyldes i røreskålen og røres med håndmixer i 2-3 min. Dejen fordeles i muffins forme eller i en smurt form 20 x 30 cm.  Formen sættes på ovn rist eller bageplade i kold ovn på en af de midterste ribber.
Bagetid ved muffins: ca. 25 min ved 170 g
Bagetid ved kage: ca. 45 min ved 170 g


Her er en god opskrift på knækbrød man nemt selv kan lave .. Jeg elsker dem , det er nemme og hurtige mellem hapser .. Jeg plejer at bruge chiliolie til at give lidt smag og solsikkekerner og græskarkerner .. De er fantastiske her til Jul i en fin kagedåse ..


4 dl hvedemel
4 dl rugmel
2 dl vand eller skummetmælk
1 1/4 dl olie
2 tsk. havsalt
suppler eventuelt med kerner og frø efter behag

Sådan gør du :
Bland ingredienserne sammen. del dejen i to portioner, og rul hver portion ud mellem to stykker bagepapir til en tykkelse på 2-3 mm. Jo flere kerner du putter i desto sværere er dejen at rulle ud og jo mere smuldre den bagefter. Skær eller udstik dejen med et glas eller en kageform. Bag ved 150 grader i 15 minutter.

Chokolade Scones

HELT fantastiske nemme og gode chokolade scones, der bliver ca. 6-8 stykker .. nåede desværre ikke at tage et billede da de hurtigt var væk igen ;)


  • 125 gr. mel
  • 1 tsk. bagepulver
  • 1 knsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsk. sukker
  • 40 gr. koldt smør
  • 50 gr. mørk hakket schokolade
  • ca. 3/4 dl. mælk
  • Sammenpisket æg til pensling


Forvarm ovnen til 225 gr. Bland melet, bagepulveret, saltet, sukkeret og den hakkede chokolade. Smuldr smørret i melblandingen. Tilsæt mælken og ælt hurtigt sammen. Rul dejen ud på et meldrysset bord til den er 1 1/2 cm tyk. Stik dejen ud med et glas der er ca. 7-8 cm i diameter., og læg dejcirklerne på en bageplade med bagepapir. Pensl. dem med sammenpisket æg.  Bag sconsene 8-10 min. på midterste ovnrille. Serveres lune med smør eller uden noget på.